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POLITA is coming to America! The national premiere of the musical that incorporates 3D technology and special effects will take place in Chicago on October 15,16, 2016.

“POLITA” – the most incredible stage performance in the world!
Theatre, music, song, dance, an acrobat, 3D technology, special effects

Warsaw’s Studio BUFFO theatre:
30 of Poland’s top musical performers
17 sound, light, and visual effects specialists

Meet the legendary Pola Negri - POLITA
Admire the greatest stars of Polish Musical: Natasza Urbanska, Janusz Jozefowicz and Janusz Stoklosa

"Polita" is the musical biografy of one of the greatest stars of the Hollywoods’ Golden Era. Pola Negri, also known as Apolonia Chałupiec. Born in Lipno, she received her training in Warsaw’s ballet and theatre school. We will learn about the Artists’ fate as it unfolded amidsts the unique historical events and political changes of the XX century, depicted with the help of the newest cinematographic technology available.
The innovative combination of 3D projections with traditional stage props, and the perfect coordination of movement and artistic performance, bring about a new level of artistic quality and a powerful new form of expression. The ability to incorporate limitless numbers of performers and extras’ opens the doors to creating scenes that up until now could only be imagined. We will see Pola Negri performing with Ernstem Lubitch, Charlie Chaplin and Rudolfo Valentino. We will see, in full size, Paramount’s movie studios, the residences of various stars. We’ll be in one of Warsaw’s neighborhoods when the young Pola sees her father being arrested, we will feel Syberia’s cold in a scene depicting prisoners led to exile, we will feel Berlins’ horrid atmosphere of the 30’s, and we will be part of a crowd of Americans standing by the New York’s Stock Exchange on Wall Street during the explosion of the Great Depression of 1929.

The 3D projections have been prepared by Platige Image studios, famous among others for the Oscar nominated movie “Cathedral”

The Musical “Polita” is conquering the world! So far it’s been performed with great success in Petersburg, Moscow, Munich, Stuttgard and Manheim. 

It will be presented in Copernicus Center.

The musical will feature 30 "live" actors, and also horses, rare oldies, and in addition rare places, cities, landscapes, buildings and even fire spewing dragons - everything in 3D. The 30 actors will perform amidst a 3D projection. The 3D technology makes the audience be a part of the action: in the very rooms where it's taking place, in the canyons, and in the halls. The audience feels immersed in a different world. This incredible two hour show is something no audience has seen before! 





by phone
773 467 9000


"I am stunned by this performance. To be honest, it just have ended and I'm speechless. Such a vision, so brilliant use of technology that nobody has yet applied. It did seem as though the technique of mixing the three-dimensional film with the actors already existed for decades on the stage. It is so mature, so incredibly penetrating each other. I am absolutely stunned. I really congratulate Józefowicz.
A great role of Natasha, great. How can she stand the pace, so incredible dynamism on stage, it really impressed me."
Sławomir Idziak - cinematographer, director, scenarist; Oscar winner


"...The Polita show is a world class event. Public gathered at the 3D show can witness extraordinary events, including a stage design made up of 3D holograms! All this to give full justice to the only Polish cinema star to made a breakthrough in America."


"The world on stage.
And indeed, the 20-meter stage literally burst with lavish decor.
Thanks to the use of stereoscopic technology, also known as 3D, in two hours we can make the journey to New York or Berlin of the 1930s. The 3D background, prepared by the Platige Image Studio, home company of Tomasz Bagiński, Academy Award winner for The Cathedral, has allowed to embed Natasza Urbańska, interpreter of the title role, into a number of different stage designs, while the use of archive material featuring Pola Negri has given the show some outstanding character.
Joanna Pluta, "Gazeta Pomorska"


I have watched Polita with emotion. I know these dancers and I just hoped everything went smoothly.
I am impressed with these digital innovations. Hats off to Janusz Józefowicz who had the courage to take the challenge! It is a breakthrough!"
Iwona Pavlovič, Polish Dance Champion


"...POLITA, directed by Janusz Józefowicz, combines motion picture with 3D, as well as virtual show - at least I felt like in a virtual game when Józefowicz asked the main character to be an actress, singer, dancer and acrobat at the same time. By opening these technological options and such a variety of impressions, Józefowicz is a pioneer. This is an absolutely revolutionary show."
Tomasz Raczek, movie critic, commentator and publisher



8th Ball of the Paderewski Symphony Orchestra



Concert The Boy with colorful head
Saturday, November 7 at 10A.M



zdjecia z premiery luty, 2007 - Rosemont Theatre

17 lat - 240 koncertow symfonicznych, kameralnych, spektakli operowych i oratoryjbych - 210 000 widzow
Paderewski Symphony Orchestra

Karnawały Świata - GALERIA
Nawiązujące do pięknej tradycji noworocznych koncertów wiedeńskich,
koncerty karnawałowe Paderewski Symphony Orchestra od lat gromadzą tłumy widzów: wypełnione najpiękniejszą muzyką,
tańcem i śpiewem, barwne spektakle zachwycają, wzruszają i bawią.



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